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How do I pay for classes?

You can pay and register in iClass Pro. Here

What should my child wear for class?


All gymnastics girls must wear leotards and could add spandex shorts. Cheer girls must wear cheer shorts (spandex) and a sports bra.  Boys should wear shorts and a tee-shirt and/or sweatpants.  No jeans, no dresses, or no jewelry should be worn during gym workouts. All children’s bodies must always be covered.

Are your classes insured?


Yes, we are a fully insured establishment. 


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Yes, you may join classes after the term has started.  Please speak with customer service and the fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes – all gymnastics, cheer, ninja, tumbling and parkour coaches are USAG certified.  All other coaches are certified and licensed for their area of expertise.


What is the fitness attire in the Fitness Gym?


Due to this being an environment that caters to adults and children all adults should wear workout type clothes; women – sports bra, shorts, workout pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.  Men – shirts, shorts or workout pants, and tennis shoes. 


Can parents watch?


Yes, parents can watch from our parents’ room and/or during their fitness workout times.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


The class ratio is 8 children per coach (8-1).

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